Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update...a little boring really.

Hello, not updated for a while because...well I forgot really but here's why. I am currently living in Hamilton Hill, Fremantle which is a wee bit out of Perth city and im working A LOT. Got a job in a hotel bar, its pretty good actually not too busy, nice colleagues and decent money. Currently on the rota for 38.5 hours a week, mostly late night finishes but it is only for a few months before I am back on the road.

We are also going to Vietnam in September for 10 days, around 6 friends from home are coming out to meet us so that should be good. I'll come back here and work for a few more weeks and then im thinking a flight to Sydney is in order.

Got a new camera so can take photos but as I say I haven't really be doing anything worthy of capturing. This a picture of one of the beaches in Fremantle.

So, yeah I will update when I actually have something to say!