Monday, March 26, 2012

Places i've been so far...

Before heading off on the greatest adventure I've had to date I thought I could show off with a list of places I've already been in Europe in no specific order.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Auschwitz, Poland
Berlin, Germany
Krakow, Poland
Bratislava, Slovakia
Prague, Czech Republic x 2
Poznan, Poland
Budapest, Hungary
Bohinj, Slovenia x 2
Bled, Slovenia x 2
Venice, Italy x 2
Rovinj, Croatia
Lake Como, Italy
Lake Maggiore, Italy
Maranello, Italy
Rimini, Italy
Rome, Italy
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Nice, France
Bastogne, Belgium
Malmedy, Belgium
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Munich, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany x 2
Erfurt, Germany
Berchtesgaden, Germany
Innsbruck, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Montreux, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Wolfgangsee, Austria
Zell am See, Austria
Gothenburg, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Dublin, Ireland
Magaluf, Spain

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Bucket Link

Will use a website called photobucket to upload and share photos. Already got photographs on there from other events over the last few years that some people may be interested in.

Blog Photo Galleries - Many Photo's in Many Countries.

2007 (?) Prague Trip
2009 European Road Trip
2010 European Road Trip
2011 Coast to Coast Mountain Bike Ride
2011 European Road Trip
2012 Poznan Trip

Introduction to the blog of travels.

Hello friends and family who care to follow me somewhat, across to the other side of the world.

I figured a blog would be a good way to keep people up to date with what I'm up to and where I am.


I think it was around October 2011 when Mike and I decided life was just too boring and monotonous, that Scotland and the UK in general was a sinking ship that we might be lost to it before we knew it. So, over a few drinks we slurred out a plan to get out, to jump ship and make something slightly more exciting of our lives. At 24 we are far from old but we are hardly young either. Our mutual friend Fraser has been living in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for about a year now teaching golf and visiting him is the first stop and part of the motivation for finally biting the bullet. To cut a long story short it is currently March 2012 and we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

The plan is as follows. Travel down to Manchester on 20th June to see Pearl Jam staying in local hostel before checking into Machester International Airports Premier Inn and catching our flight to Kota on the 22nd June. This arrives at its destination on the 23rd of June and we will spend a week at the leisure of Fraser Pook. On the 1st of July we will jump on a flight to the Thai island of Koh Samui in order to attend the world famous Koh Phanang Full Moon Party. Eventually we will make our way to the idilic setting of Phi Phi to chill out on the perfect beaches and swim in the crystal blue waters, taking boat trips and generally enjoying the good life. We will then make our way to Phuket Airport to catch our Friday 13th (spooky) of July flight to Perth. Upon arriving in Perth we will be picked up by our old school friend Kerry who has generously offered to put us up for a while in return for bottles of wine. It is here that the plan ends and we become a little more spontanious.

We intend to get jobs eventually but assuming we have somehow managed to afford our rail passes we would like to cross this vast continent visiting people and places, seeing whats what.

At this point in time we have these things booked and paid for (not strictly all travel based):

  • One way flight from Manchester to Kota Kinabalu (via Singapore) - 22nd June.
  • One way flight from Phuket, Thailand to Perth, Australia -13th July.
  • Pearl Jam Ticket for M.E.N Arean in Manchester - 20th June.
  • Rockness Weekend Camping Ticket - June 8th/11th

These are the things we still need to book and pay for:

  • Flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Koh Samui, Thailand.
  • Australian Working Holiday Visa (Application filled out just need to pay)
  • Trans Aus Rail Pass. (Quite a chunk of money but well worth it I think)
  • Manchester accomodation.

So ANYWAY, yeah this is where I will post a fairly regular account of whats been going on and a link to the vast array of photographs that will have been taken.

I'll leave it there for now. I quit work on the 20th of May and THAT is when I consider my new life to have begun.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.